This little guy is called Kahiko, he spends his days wandering the island that he was magically brought to life on. The name Kahiko stands for “ancient hula dancer”

With this character I wanted to get his shape structure pretty straight forward with a pudgy body and square head.  This will allow me to exaggerate his body with squash and stretch in some interesting ways!

I kept the shape of the character very straight forward as I can express the most information with as little detail drawn but given the shape of Kahiko, I’m still able to add extra detail is needed.

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Hans Zimmer

We were given a group project to make a presentation on Hans Zimmer. We decided to look into the different areas of his life and each focus on collecting different information. I began to do research into his big movie hits in his career and interesting information about them.%c7%ba1

As someone who is very interested in sound design, I really enjoyed looking into Hans Zimmer’s work! He shows a lot of wisdom when speaking about the music he creates and the purpose behind it for each project. A quote from one of his interviews that stuck with me was “Movies are dreams and dreams can have sound” music has the power to make the you feel a certain way, it interacts with you. Seeing how Hans Zimmer understands this and uses this logic to create worlds has only strengthened my belief in how important music and sound is to the animation/film industry.

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Dirk the Daring


For this week’s exercise Mike wanted us to practice drawing Dirk the Daring from the game “Dragon Liar” We then used this exercise to apply Dirk’s proportions to the life model during this week’s session. I found applying a characters proportions to a different model entirely to be very challenging but a very insightful experience. Now we were not just drawing the model but we also had to think of how the posture would transition to Dirk.




Character Shapes and Perspectives


This week we focused on how simple shapes and forms can identify a character. These lessons were very helpful for our groups trying to think of ideas for the characters that would inhabit our world.


Using what I had learn’t from the lecture I implemented it into my synapse designs for the brain world group. I designed them so that depending on their shape and size it would affect the noise they make. e.g. The larger the synapse the louder the base will be.


I found this week’s lectures to be very useful for helping me understand the process to designing character concepts for a world.