S2 Life drawing

Principles of animation

Squash and stretch 

Squash and stretch is a technique that is used to give an object weight and flexibility. By playing with this principle in drawings you can give an object a different feel. For example, something like a falling rock would have very little squash and stretch. On the other hand if we had a rock made out of jelly, it have a considerably higher amount of stretch on the fall. Another important factor to consider when using squash and stretch is keeping the volume of the object the same for the majority of the time. Take into consideration that if the object is stretching, it’s width will get thinner etc.squash and stretchLink to photo: http://howtostartanimation.blogspot.co.uk/p/how-to-start-animation.html


One of the most important things to remember when animating is making sure that the audience can follow what is happening on the screen. The technique used for this is anticipation. This is usually done by giving the character an action before the main movement. For example if a character is about to join, they will bend their knees before springing up!anticipationLink to image: https://xavecampbell.wordpress.com/year-2/unit-67-3d-animation/session-1-my-understanding-of-animation/

Slow in and slow out

A concept in animation that is crucial in timing. Timing is what can give your character the feeling of being a real thing. A good example is a character walking, while walking their legs and arms are moving the most. In the walk cycle the arms aren’t going to be moving at a constant speed back and forth, they will start slow and accelerate in the swing picking up speed only to slow down again before swinging back. The time of these movements is crucial for selling an animation to an audience.easy inLink to image: http://animation2012.weebly.com/slow-in–slow-out.html


Appeal is all about the personality of a character. It doesn’t matter is the character is good or evil, you want them to be likeable to the audience. I found that things such as symmetrical features or baby like facial features can help enhance the appeal. I will take this into consideration when designing my character.

S2 Life drawing

Self Reflection: Semester 2

At the start of this semester I wasn’t too confident in my drawing skills, I felt like they had got worse over the course of our break. This made it rather frustrating at the start when going into classes knowing I wasn’t going to achieve what I was after but over time it started coming to me again. I felt like this semester of life drawing has broadened my mind when it comes to sketching characters. I have always found myself running into the trap of drawing in 2D but now, Im starting to see the shapes of the character in a 3D space.

For example I have always had a problem drawing hands and feet but I am now starting to feel more confident in my sketching technique. I really enjoyed the session when we focused on just hands as it felt like more of a challenge than usual lessons. I also found it interesting leaning about how to balance you characters, how one simple concept can give them weight.

Unfortunately I was not able to attend the last couple of lessons due to personal reasons back home and I feel like I missed out on crucial practices that would have really benefited me. This is disheartening for me as I was really starting to enjoy life drawing and I feel like I’ve let and others down. Though I missed classes, I feel proud of the work I have done over the course of my time but this does not mean I am satisfied with what I have learnt! It’s time for me to play catch up now that I have the time, I plan to dive into into the principles of animation and further my understanding of them.

S2 Life drawing

Life Drawing: Handy work

This week we did a hand session, I found the class to be inspiring! I have always struggled in the past with drawing hands but Mike presented us with tips on how to get started.

I found that over the course of this session I started to get more comfortable with drawing hands. Previously I have falling into the trap of drawing hands in 2D but I have found it enlightening moving them into a 3D space.

hands page

S2 Life drawing

Life drawing: Foot in the door

During this session we were learning how to draw feet. I have always found it dificult drawing hands and feet because I really don’t practice them enough. That didn’t take away from the session I felt it really helped! Mike gave us advice about drawing the curves of the foot to shape their form, this in result would give the foot it’s 3D shape.

As frustrating as foot can be to draw,

I feel like I’m making progress but I still have a long way to go! foot.jpg

S2 Life drawing

Life Drawing: All about the curve

I found myself struggling in last weeks session so I decided to go back to basics with my drawings. I have been practising capturing the action curve of a character in their movements. This has helped me get a better understanding how the body tenses and twists with different exaggerated movement.

dynamic poses.jpg

I carried this practice into my next lesson and  found myself getting better formed drawings!

action curve and dynamics.jpg