Data & Visualisation, Face model, Head model

Head Model Reflection

This experience has really opened my mind on how things can be modelled using Maya. I’m used to creating man made objects so it was enlightening to try create something organic. I know software like Mudbox and Zbrush are out there but I was curious to try modelling a face only using Maya. Doing so I feel i have really begun to understand how Maya works and how important it is to use polygons. I plan to use my summer  to experiment with the other modelling software and see how it can improve my model quality now that I have a better understanding of Maya.

It sounds kind of crazy but I’m enjoying the puzzle of making a mesh using polygons. Before if I had a three pointed face, I would have lost my mind trying to fix it. Now I’m more confident looking at the problem and thinking of ways to fix it.

This task was challenging and in no way easy but now I feel confident that I have learn’t the grounds work for what it takes to make models for future animations.

Data & Visualisation, Face model, Head model

Head model

Before beginning my head model I asked the second years about good videos to watch for reference to help get started. One video that really helped me understand the stages of building a head was by James Taylor. He has a great tutorial video on how to scale your reference photos. This was crucial as once I import  into the scene, they are accurately scaleed to each other.

Link to tutorial used:

following the tutorial I think I ended up with a good result!

Here is my final rotation of my head model.

face rotation