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Jesper Kyd


While playing one of my favourite games Borderlands I couldn’t help but find myself getting lost in the background music. I later found out that the music was composed by Jesper Kyd, a Danish composer/ sound designer.

Here is one of the soundtracks composed by Jesper from borderlands 2:

What I love about his soundtracks is the atmosphere that they create. Looking more into his work will be very beneficial to me when working at sound design in my projects

Other games that Jesper has worked on are the likes of Assassins Creed, Warhammer, Mortal Kombat, State of Decay and many more. Here’s a link to his portfolio:



Abstract Art, Design Discourse

Hans Richter

Hans Richter is very similar to Viking Eggeling’s work. This is due to the fact they worked together for a few years on multiple projects.

I like Ritcher’s technique of playing with intersections, superimpositions and the scale of objects. This technique leads to some very interesting visuals.

To check out the full video where I got my screenshots from please check out :

Abstract Art, Design Discourse

Viking Eggling

What I liked about Viking Eggling’s work is the simplicity of the designs. My favourite piece of his work is “Diagonale Symphonie” made in 1924.

I like his use a plain black background with white lines revealing the images. Viking’s work is very design based which I prefer and makes so a very interesting style of animation.

Here is the link of the video I got my screenshots from:

Abstract Art, Design Discourse

Walter Ruttman

Walter Ruttman is an animator that caught my attention while in our design discourse class. I found the collection of moving shapes along side music to be very effective in expressing different variations of motion.

One of the techniques that Walter uses is timing the animated shapes to musical structures. I hope to look further into this technique to use in my own projects.

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These are screenshots from various short videos by Walter Ruttman.

Walter Ruttman has a collection of 4 videos called Lichtspiel: Opus I, II,III and IV. My favourite has to be Opus IV, I really like the dense visuals accompanied by better music compared to the other videos. Opus IV was made in 1925.




Abstract Art, Design Discourse

Origin of animation

In todays “design discourse” session we explored the abstract side of animation. To do so we studied the works of various artists who revolutionised the art world itself. This subject gained my interest due to the fact that before these methods of animation were used, the closest thing we had to a motion picture was paintings and drawings which expressed the different forms of motion that were taking place.

Here are some examples                             

What I love about these types of paintings is that by capturing the different motions of that object you also create detailed and visually very intriguing pieces of art. I might attempt a few myself for notes.