S2 Life drawing

Self Reflection: Semester 2

At the start of this semester I wasn’t too confident in my drawing skills, I felt like they had got worse over the course of our break. This made it rather frustrating at the start when going into classes knowing I wasn’t going to achieve what I was after but over time it started coming to me again. I felt like this semester of life drawing has broadened my mind when it comes to sketching characters. I have always found myself running into the trap of drawing in 2D but now, Im starting to see the shapes of the character in a 3D space.

For example I have always had a problem drawing hands and feet but I am now starting to feel more confident in my sketching technique. I really enjoyed the session when we focused on just hands as it felt like more of a challenge than usual lessons. I also found it interesting leaning about how to balance you characters, how one simple concept can give them weight.

Unfortunately I was not able to attend the last couple of lessons due to personal reasons back home and I feel like I missed out on crucial practices that would have really benefited me. This is disheartening for me as I was really starting to enjoy life drawing and I feel like I’ve let and others down. Though I missed classes, I feel proud of the work I have done over the course of my time but this does not mean I am satisfied with what I have learnt! It’s time for me to play catch up now that I have the time, I plan to dive into into the principles of animation and further my understanding of them.


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