Data & Visualisation, Narrative, Short Animation

Mother Bird Rig Ideas

So today I decided to try out different ways in how we could animate our mother bird. I found some nice tutorials on how to set up a face rig using controllers. Here I have a controller for the each eye and a main controller for the pair. This will allow us a lot of freedom for animating them.

I also made a controller for each of the eye lids and main one again. Having these eye lid controllers will prove useful for giving the bird expressions and allow for blinking. Again I did the same for the beak…

I’m confident with these face controllers we will be able to bring our mother bird to life and really sell her reactions to the eggs hatching

Once I had created the controllers I made a quick animation demostrating them in use.

So far I really like how the controllers are working so I added a rig from the base of the body to the head, this will allow us to give the bird head movement. Here is another quick test animating the rig with the face animations included.

The use of a simple rig will prove effective for what we are looking as our bird will be sitting down. Her main movements will be in the head so why make life more complicated…

Once I was happy with the controllers and the rig I decided to make a short animation of the mother bird sleeping. Our opening/first scene shows the mother bird snoring so doing this animation will give me a good idea of what our work load shall be for animating.

I can safely say that I am happy with the results for the rig. Of course our bird model still needs work but this has now put my mind to rest knowing that we will be able to animate it.


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