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Timing to the beat!

I love animation and the art of story telling but part of me has always been itching to learn how to produce a music video styled animation. I’ve always been fascinated about animation movements timed to the beat of sound. So I decided to dive into some sites that focus on the art of time animation to music.

Animator Island

On animator Island they talk about how to calculate your animation to a song. They suggest multiple ways to do it but the method I found most useful was the calculation that meets the two arts in the middle.

Using the equation 60s  x 24frames = 1440 frames a minute

So with this if we divide 1440 by the BPM (beats per minute) 1440/120 = 12

So this means to have an animation moving to the time of the beat I would have to have the movement hit every 12 frames.

With this knowledge alone I feel confident I could make a simple animation timed to the beat!


Here is a quick example I made on maya, I had the orb pulsating and lighting up to the sound of my track. The tips I’ve learnt have been very useful and I can’t wait to experiment more with this.


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