Narrative, Short Animation

Bird Animation

We are at the stage now with our animation that we want to be thinking about what colours to use. We talked about the idea of using blues and purples, something along the lines of what you’d expect in avatar.

I made a quick digital painting to try grasp the concept of what we might be looking. As nice of an idea as it is our group decided that the colours were be too cold for our story that is meant to be heart warming.


We have thought about the idea of giving our opening scene a dynamic morning sunrise. Both Alistair and Nuala have been making great concepts for the opening shot to grasp what colours to use. I began working on tree concepts looking at different forms and colours that could be used. Personally I have grown fond of the spherical shaped trees, I think they would add a nice style of design to our animation keeping it surreal. I think for our first animation we want to stay awake from trying to create very detailed and realistic models given what time we have to make this.

Nuala drew some awesome bird designs, one in particular that I really liked was her chick designs. I think her designs bump up the cute factor for the birds! Using the colours that Nuala choose I made a quick 3D concept to see how the colour would translate.Composition_Test.jpg



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