Build a City, Data & Visualisation

Change of Plan

While designing concepts for our city we felt there was still something missing. We felt a lack of inspiration and creativity when we were making our designs. We realised that instead of trying to rebuild a city structure we should try to build something that is visually appealing  and may not follow normal laws of reality. This allowed us to branch out into sculpture like structures.



‘Grande Disco’ by Arnaldo Pomodoro (1974)

Also know as the “Grand Disc” this piece is placed outside the Bank of America Plaza on ryon Street in Uptown Charlotte. This coined shaped sculpture used to rotate slowly on it’s axis and it was even possible for people to spin it themselves. I thought this feature was rather interesting and we could include it in our designs. city-centre-2


I really like the intricate designs within this sculpture. Our team actually descussed how the squares through out the piece could rememble buildings in a city scape. We played around with this concept and would look more into Arnaldo’s other sculptures.


“Sphere within a sphere”



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