Build a City, Data & Visualisation

Floating City project

Beginning of a Journey

Beata, Ruxandra, Alistair and I have teamed up to design a floating city for our Image and Data visualisation project. We have decided to base our city on Barcelona. We really like this city as a concept due to it’s beautiful architecture, both old and modern.

One concept that the group really liked was the idea of having three floating islands, on each would be a different aspect to the culture of Barcelona. On the top would be the modern aspects of the city, the middle would be the artistic aspect and the bottom would resemble the park life in the city. We found statistics stating that 10% of the city is park life so we felt this would be a key component to address in our city design.

I put together a mood board to start getting ideas and concepts for what these parts to the city could look like.


Antoni Guadi220px-antoni_gaudi_1878

Antoni Guadi is a Spanish architect from Reus and was well known for his practice in Catalan Modernism. His style was influenced by his passions in life; architecture, nature and religion. This combination would be the foundation for his colour and natural looking structures. Some of the processes that Guadi would love to craft with were ceramics, stained glass and carpentry.

This fact is crucial when we are looking into what materials we could use for our Maya models. I will research further and experiment with the shader tool for Arnold renders.

Here are some early concepts I drew to get some insight into what our city could look like.

barcalona ideas.jpg

After blasting through many concepts we still felt that the different parts to the city were very distant from each other. We decided we would combine the three parts together in a way that would intertwine the themes of Barcelona.

*Insert different ideas*



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