Explicit & Implicit Meanings

The explicit meaning of a story is the face value of the tale. It is what is being placed directly infornt of us. The implicit meaning is the hidden or more subtle context behind the story.batman-cover

A good example that I have looked into is from the batman film “The Dark Knight” which was realeased in 2008 and directed  by Christopher Nolan. In this film we see the protagonist Batman encounter a new villian known as the Joker and must stop him in his tracks to causing harm through out the city of Gotham.

Explicit Meaning

At face value this movie is about a hero who must save the city from a crazy villain dressed as a clown but diving deeper into the film we begin to see the subtle messages that this movie is trying to tell.


Through out the film we see the juxtaposition of values and beliefs between the Batman and the Joker. The Batman is a figure who stands for justice and order. He sees criminals as people who have lost their sense of humanity and are unfit for civilisation, there fore they must be stopped in their tracks. Then we have the Joker who has no rules and lives in a world of choas.



Implicit Meaning


Interestingly this film challenges this ideal sense of order in a conversation between the Batman (Bruce Wayne) and Lucius Fox. They have set up a system that hacks into many of the city’s devices and through them activates echo location. Lucius expresses that what they are doing is wrong and that he wants nothing to do with it but Bruce insists that this is the only way they can find the Joker. This scene questions the construct of what true order is and the sacrifices that we would have to make to our rights in order to achieve it. This leaves the audience to question, is what Batman doing to create order right?

*look into the joker*

joker choas.jpg


fun house – dude soup


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