Music to set the scene

In our narrative lecture we were shown the significance of music and how it can impact the atmosphere of a scene or segment of a film. This was a chance for us to delve into how music can create an emotional response in the viewer.

An interesting example that was shown to us was in the opening 4de58d1c5d92228e7d941fc482eaaee3segment of the 1979 film Alien directed by Ridley Scott. We are slowly brought into the scene through various long shots from outside the space ship, we are then brought the inside of the ship where the camera slowly travels down corridors all while there is very little music playing. In almost silence all we; the audience hear is the sound of machines onboard beeping and working away.


The use of very little sound and long shots effectively creates an isolated atmosphere. From the very begining of Alien it successfully puts the audience in a sense of suspense for what is to come.

*Get rich or die trying*



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