Creative Elements

Creative Elements Reflective statement

Creative Elements

This first semester in creative elements has been very interesting for me. Having the chance to work alongside new and old classmates has been a learning experience. Though challenging at the start I’ve come to learn that many members from the class have very different styles of working. I found the idea process for the build a world project very insightful. At first I found that writing so many ideas down was absurd but over the course of the week as a team we managed to narrow down and build upon base ideas to create unique concepts. After my initial thoughts, I decided to change my mindset and be more open to the methods used to bring an animation concept together. I had a taste of what it would be like to work in a team when creating an animatic last year, but I was truly tested with a larger group and a week deadline. Though very challenging I think as a group we coordinated very well and produced a successful animatic.

Another area of creative elements that I really enjoyed was the photography side to the project. Going out around Belfast to take photos was a good way to connect with other classmates while getting work done. I found myself using photography as an excuse to get out and explore. This especially was a refreshing take on work and has made me more aware of how the position of the camera can affect the shot. I hope to study further into photography as I feel it is an important concept that must be taken into consideration when filming a scene.

I enjoyed the structure of the course, having week deadlines was a good way to keep the gas going with the workload and stop people from burning out.


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