Ball animations

Over last week we have been learning how to animate a ball. This included moving and squashing the ball then adding a rotation to give it life.

I have been enjoying the maya sessions a lot and look forward to playing more on the software.

While learning how to animate I ball I took the opportunity to learn some more about modelling objects and created a little scene for the ball.


After completing the ball task I decided to have a go at taking what I had learnt and applying it to other work. While looking through my sketchbook I realised that I could apply the ball animations to synapse concept designs I made for the brain world.pillarsFor the model on the left I tried to make a goo effect, so when the balls made contact with the pool it would affect the surface area of the goo plain.

For the model on the right I used locators to affect the spheres behaviour making it orbit the bigger sphere in the middle.


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