Build a World, Creative Elements

Mushroom World Animatic

This week I was working in a group with Beata, Erin and Nuala and we had to create a 30 second animatic for the mushroom world. A lot of ideas were thrown about but as a group we decided we’d go with a more comedic fashion of story telling. Creating the animatic was a learning experience for all of us, we had to learn how to organise a system that the work could be moved between us even when we weren’t in class. We decided to work like a factory production line.

Erin designed the backgrounds, I drew the characters and both Nuala and Beata worked on the tones for each frame. After we had the frames finished we brought them onto photoshop where we worked on the timing and added the soundclips.

For the mushroom world we tried to keep the animatic from being too serious so we decided to focus on a story including shrooms.

The Bad Trip



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