Wasteland reference ideas

When working on the post apocoliptic world we decided to look at different references in media for inspiration.

Mad Max is set in a universe that has baron desert plains and little life to inhabit it. From hazardous sand storms to rusted metal scraps, this environment is constantly filled with oranges, browns and reds.

mad_max_fury_road_wallpaper_1920x1080_by_sachso74-d8r49ti    https://goo.gl/images/yGHm2I

As much as I like these warm colours I thought this world could be visually more interesting by adding aspects and colour pallets from the likes of James Cameron’s Avatar.



On Pandora where the avatar movie is based, the environment is covered in blues, greens and purples. With the added touch of luminous pinks and greens it gives the vegetation a sense of life and interactivity. Playing with the concept of merging these two different colour schemes could create some interesting environment landscapes


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